Monday, April 26, 2010

Recent Timeline

38 SC (421 AC) - The War of Souls. A strange storm covers Krynn, bringing with it the prophet of the One God, Mina. Mina leads a revolt within the Knights of Neraka and takes control of the organization. She enters the shield of Silvanesti with her troops, and assists the elves in defeating Cyan Bloodbane and destroying the shield. The Knights take control of Silvanesti.

Leaving a small occupying force in Silvanost, Mina marches her forces to Solanthus where the heavily fortified Solamnic city falls to the magic of the One God.

Gilthas and the Qualinesti travel across the Plains of Dust to Silvanesti, where they join the forces of Alhana Starbreeze. The elves march north to Sanction to join the Solamnic forces attacking the city. An army of minotaurs occupies Silvanesti in their absence. The Knights and elves are victorious.

Paladine sacrifices his immortality to defeat the One God (Takhisis). Silvanoshei, son of Porthios Kanan and Alhana Starbreeze, kills Takhisis, and is subsequently slain by Mina, who escapes the city.

Krynn is returned to its proper orbit, and the remaining gods return to the world.

Dalamar the Dark and Jenna of the Red Robes start to reform the Orders of High Sorcery. After Palin Majere rejects (on numerous occasions) the post of Head of the White Robes, they search for a wizard to replace him.

39 SC (422 AC) - After burying the remains of the fallen Takhisis in an unknown location, Mina switched allegiance to the newly returned god of death, Chemosh. She travels Ansalon, recruiting new followers for the dark god, including the death knight Sir Ausric Krell.

40 SC (423 AC) - The Wizards of High Sorcery reclaim the Tower of Wayreth from the sorcerer Kalrakin. Jenna of Palanthas becomes Head of the Conclave, while Coryn is made Head of the White Robes and Dalamar the Dark leads the black.

The Solamnic Knights reclaim Palanthas.

42 SC (425 AC) - As the Half-Ogre Ankhar, a servant of Hiddukel, makes war on Solamnia, Jaymes Markham is named Lord Marshall of Solamnia.

44 SC (427 AC) - Liam Ehrling, Grand Master of the Knights of Solamnia, dies. He is succeeded by Lord Tasgall.

45 SC (428 AC) - Markham defeats Ankhar, unites Solamnia, and names himself Emperor.

46 SC (429 AC) - In the Battle of Vingard Keep, Vingard Keep is destroyed during a melee between Emperor Jaymes Markham and Lord Kerrigan.

47 SC (430 AC) - Kalaman and Nightlund petition to join the Empire of Solamnia.

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